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Software Pricing, Monetization, and Offer Design

Date: Friday, Nov 22, 2019

Location: Old Mill Toronto, 21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, Ontario, M8X 1G5

Workshop Fee: $1,250 (includes Software Pricing Toolkit)

Course Description: 

In a fast-paced digital transformation era, software can seem overwhelmingly complex to price and monetize. As a result, many organizations can default to guesswork around willingness-to-pay or even apply sub-optimal cost-plus pricing approaches. Enter a need for best practices in value-based software pricing.

Whether your organization is B2C (business-to-consumer), B2B (business-to-business), or B2G (business-to-government), this hands-on workshop will ensure participants from any sized and type of organization can improve and optimize their software pricing, monetization, and offer design practices using proven best-in-class approaches and leading-edge value-based pricing tools.

With a primary focus on assessing and designing software pricing structures, this course will also address the full continuous pricing management lifecycle of software pricing: from building a value-based price and offer structure (including SaaS), to change management across your organization and partners, to executing pricing in-field and assessing large request-for-proposal (RFP) deals, to results measurement and analytics.

By the end of this course, your level of expertise and confidence around software pricing capabilities will be dramatically improved to deliver actionable improvements with how your organization prices and monetizes their software solutions and offers.

This course includes the following key topics:

  • Introduction

    • Overview of software frameworks and revenue models

    • Software trends and innovations (… and implications to pricing)

  • Module 1: Offer Design Part 1 (Value-Based Pricing Tools)

    • Understanding the software value proposition

    • Introduction to four (4) value-based pricing tools

    • Overview of software pricing case studies (including AI, ioT, and APIs)

  • Module 2: Offer Design Part 2 (Pricing Software-as-a-Service)

    • Pricing SaaS for new and migrating clients

    • Pricing SaaS in a complex B2B / B2G environment

  • Module 3: Offer Design

    • Packaging, metrics, and tiers

    • Applying subscription pricing optimization tactics

    • Finalizing your price lists and stress testing your models

  • Module 4: Change Management and Awareness

    • “All on board”: Communication, Training, and Change Management

    • How to succeed when migrating from On-Premise to SaaS  

  • Module 5: Evaluating B2B & B2G Deals 

    • The software deal process

    • Applying a Price-to-Win scorecard to assess Request-for-Proposals (RFPs)

    • Applying Quote-to-Cash approach for high volume B2B

  • Module 6: Results Measurement and Software Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

    • Tracking success: Software result measurement dashboards

    • Overview of software KPIs (including subscription KPIs)


Attendees should bring their laptops to perform hands-on case studies.


Workshop fees includes coffee/tea, lunch, and refreshments throughout the day. 

Scott Miller

Author, Pricing Consultant

Founder Miller Advisors

Your Facilitator: Scott Miller, CPA, CMA

Scott Miller is founder of Miller Advisors Inc (www.miller-advisors.com), a boutique B2B software consultancy that specializes in best practice for pricing, monetization, and offer design. With over 20 years of pricing experience in both corporate and consulting environments, Scott brings know-how expertise to develop and deliver value-based pricing initiatives in complex business environments. Scott is also a Fellow of the International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA), CPA, CMA, and a published author & speaker on best-in-class pricing practices. Scott can be reached at scott@miller-advisors.com.