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Innovation for Software Product Managers Certification

Date: Wed, Nov 20, 2019

Location: Old Mill Toronto, 21 Old Mill Road, Toronto, Ontario, M8X 1G5

Workshop Fee: $1,250

Course Description: 

A One-Day Innovation Certification Program:
• Are you facing a challenge or roadblock that is costing you time or money (or both)?
• Have the “tested and true” approaches fallen short?
• Is your team struggling to develop “creative” solutions that will create the breakthrough that you need?
• Do you need to solve this challenge now?

A Proven Short-Cut For “Better Thinking”
It's time to go beyond generative brainstorming techniques using lots of sticky notes, and learn new approaches that have been proven to uncover better ideas, especially in team settings. We generate better results by breaking down the traditional brainstorming meeting into 3-Steps: Problem Definition, Idea Discovery,Idea Selection.

Better define the true challenge at hand to ensure you are solving the right problem or looking at the right opportunity.


Creative-Thinking for New Ideas
Brainstorming “on steroids”. We power our idea discovery session using award-winning, academically-backed Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) to quickly generate ideas that are “implementable”.

Idea Selection
Learn strategies to choose ideas that have the highest likelihood of success!

Innovation Day Overview
How can you start to “think differently” when you are leading “brainstorming” sessions to get more creative results? Included in this process is pre-work
sessions to define the challenge and design the team. Post-session we provide an executive report.

1. Cracking the Barrier to Creativity
Learn how our fixed-thinking prevents us from being able to come-up with
creative ideas to solve problems. 

2. Problem-Definition Techniques
Learn how to test and expand the problem or challenge definition to ensure
you are solving the right problem.

3. Idea Generation
Learn to apply one or two forms of the research-backed Systematic Inventive
Thinking (SIT) approach to deliver counter-intuitive ideas that are useful.


4. Idea Selection
We will review idea selection methodologies and help you to prepare
to present your ideas for validation

Workshop fees includes coffee/tea, lunch, and refreshments throughout the day. 

Marguerite Fleming, MBA

Managing Director

Innovation Culture Group

Your Facilitator: Marguerite Fleming, MBA

As Founder and Principal of Innovation Culture Group, I work with for-profit and not-for-profit clients to facilitate creative-thinking that achieves innovative ideas using our proprietary Actionable Innovation System.

Our clients range from some of the largest and most respected organizations in North America
to smaller mid-market businesses and not-for-profits. Many business leaders partner with Innovation Culture Group to identify growth opportunities and solve complex problems using creative-thinking techniques.